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Become a RE-FIT®Certified Trainer

RE-FIT® has designed a range of highly competitive professional fitness courses adhering to international standards.

The global curriculum enables you to establish your identity in the industry and achieve best of your potential.

Select the courses mentioned below. Register and start your fitness career journey immediately.

RE-FIT® certifications gives you following benefits:

  • Learning under experienced professional trainers
  • World-class comprehensive learning modules
  • Scientific, updated, theoretical and practical learning modules
  • Regular interaction with trainers
  • Prepares you to work with world-class fitness chains

RE-FIT® believes the right educational journey paves the way to the ultimate goalpost. Thus, we offer scientifically rooted education to set your foot in the fitness industry.


RE-FIT® offers world-class certifications with comprehensive learning modules and expert guidance to help you understand the technicalities as well as industry dynamics.


RE-FIT® supports your passionate individual journeys to get the best of your potential. We assist you in learning, and applying fitness concepts to strive professionally..

Certified Personal Trainer

$ 199 $ 299

  • Certified Personal Trainer course provides a firm theoretical and 100% online base to pursue career as a professional fitness trainer.
  • Choose RE-FIT® to kickstart or enhance your credentials to work in the fitness industry, increase your chances for better employment opportunities.
  • Curriculum of this comprehensive program covers the scientific and hands-on-training aspects.
Certified Sports Nutritionist

$ 199 $ 299

  • For preparing effective food plans for different population groups with varied nutritional needs and to manage your sports nutrition business.
  • The Sports Nutritionist certification course will help you derive an abstract knowledge on Nutrition.
  • Throughout the course, you are trained on every critical parameter of sports nutrition.
Health Club Management

$ 199 $ 299

  • Health club management course adds on another star to your fitness professional career.
  • The course covers a broad range of topics to help aspirants become proficient in supervising all health club-related affairs. 
  • You can be a pro as a Health Club Manager or become an expert Health and Screening Program Manager.
Trained CPR Certification

$ 49 $ 99

  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique used when one stops breathing in emergencies like cardiac arrest
  • CPR training proves to be a best life-saving aid in this situation before emergency responders even reach the site.
  • CPR is a life saving procedure. The CPR coach certification prepares you to tackle critical situation where you can act as a savior
Certified Fitness Trainer

$ 199 $ 299

  • Fitness trainer course teaches you different fitness techniques and methodologies for different professional roles.
  • You gain scientific and practical knowledge in training and resources covered include anatomy.
  • Its functions, health and wellness dimensions, nutritional requirements and counselling, chronic diseases and its causes and fitness assessment.
Certified Group Trainer

$ 199 $ 299

  • Since group training is becoming more prevalent due to numerous reasons.
  • This course prepares you to exploit the growing potential of fitness industry. 
  • Client safety is of utmost importance for a trainer and this course ensures the knowledge of proper cueing and demonstration needed for this.
Certified Kettlebell Trainer

$ 199 $ 299

  • This professional course certifies you to incorporate kettlebell training components in your training programs for enhanced outcomes.
  • Kettlebell certification will enhance your existing credential along with hike in earning potential.
  • It will give you advantage over other trainers and coaches.


Certified Sports Coach

$ 199 $ 299

  • The candidates are trained on how to arrange camps and practice try-outs, developing game-specific strategies, creating fitness programs  etc. 
  • Under this course you learn different scientific training techniques associated with different sports. 
  • you will learn ethics to handle adult athletes and improve the respective areas of concern through an intense approach.