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Trained CPR Certification

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Trained CPR Certification

Cost : $ 49 $ 99 COMING SOON

About Certified CPR Coach course

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique used when one stops breathing in emergencies like cardiac arrest or if almost drowned by doing chest compressions and artificial respiration to restore the blood circulation of the victim. It is mandatory to complete CPR course to be a certified fitness professional or personal trainer. Providing immediate assistance when necessary is the key part in saving lives of victims in dire situations. Being a fitness professional or trainer, we are surrounded by trainees who does strenuous exercises at all times, be it to reduce weight or to get in shape or high-risk activities. There is always chance for some emergency situations, where one stops breathing abruptly, that requires immediate actions. CPR training proves to be a best life-saving aid in this situation before emergency responders even reach the site.

Not only fitness professionals should be equipped with CPR training but also school teachers, personal trainers, lifeguards and others to save lives. Moreover, many jobs require CPR certification and provides leverage for certified trainees in work front. This course awards you with a certification of a trained CPR professional.


  • Course fee: $ 49
  • Course duration/Recommended completion time: (we could mention the upper limit say 1 year or so)
  • Mode of training: Workshop/Online
  • Training material: Provided Online via access to your student login account
  • Mode of examination: Online
  • Eligibility for examination: Final fee submission and completion of Test Exam.  
  • Format of examination: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Exam retake: You can retake exam with payment of a minimal fee with 50% discount fees
  • Process of certification: The Soft copy of transcript will be issued immediately after successful completion of the exam. Hard copy will be sent to you by post to your registered mailing address within 2-3 weeks after course completion with additional postal fee.
  • Certificate validity: 3 year

Additional Perks:

  • Flexible learning schedule, 100% self-paced
  • Immediate access to course material
  • Life time access to course material

Terms & Condition:

  • See our policies...

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